There has been so much talk about the promise of IIoT. Emerson is now delivering that promise with a compelling and clear business case in Operational Certainty and with the most robust, scalable technology and service platform with the PlantWeb™ digital ecosystem. How will Emerson put the ROI into IIoT though? What plan did Emerson have about China market? You can find answers to these questions from gongkong ®C.E.O Lee Xiaoyong’s interview with Dominic Tang (Emerson Automation Solutions Vice President and General Manager China), Michael H. Train ( Executive Vice President, Emerson President, Automation Solutions). 

现今人们都在对工业物联网的美好未来津津乐道,而艾默生正在通过运营确定性中强大、明确的业务实践和PlantWeb™数字生态系统中最为可靠的可扩展技术和服务平台,脚踏实地地将这些美好前景付诸现实。那么,艾默生怎样帮助工业物联网实现真正的投资回报、对中国市场又有着怎样的规划呢?请看gongkong ®C.E.O李小勇采访艾默生自动化解决方案中国区总经理兼副总裁邓国威(Dominic Tang)、艾默生执行副总裁/自动化解决方案全球总裁Michael H. Train。


自左向右:gongkong ®C.E.O李小勇

艾默生自动化解决方案中国区总经理兼副总裁邓国威(Dominic Tang),

艾默生执行副总裁/自动化解决方案全球总裁Michael H. Train



Mr.Dominic, Emerson extended PlantWeb™ digital ecosystem and Connected and Remote service with Microsoft. How do they help your customers to be more successful and build a benchmark enterprise?

请问邓先生,艾默生扩展的PlantWeb™及与微软合作开发的工业云、“Connected Service远程专家服务”是如何帮助客户取得成功并助其成为标杆企业的?


Our Connected Service is a part of the ecosystem.With this ecosystem, solutions are more flexible. When problems occur, people who are specialized in certain areas contribute what they know so that companies get quick response and solve problems by remote technology.


Nowadays, technology is fundamental, so many companies try their best to find innovation and changes, while many customers don’t realize how to use digital transformation to construct their companies and gain benefit during this process. They don’t hope that it will be a huge IT revolution, they just want to carry on this mission with a small field step by step. 


Frankly speaking, PlantWeb™ digital ecosystem is the most completed and landed industrial network solution in process industrial area. In spite of traditional process controller, safety and asset management systems, it also includes universal data-aware pervasive measurements, which provide conventional temperature and pressure level measurement and control, and also corrosion and vibration monitoring. According to Secure First Mile, it can provide safety data transformation. When using PlantWeb™ Insight message platform, PlantWeb™ Advisor consultant system and AMS ARES facility platform, customers can gain embedded predictive diagnostic analysis tools. What’s more, based on Connected Service which uses Microsoft’s cloud technology, customers can own reliably and professional analyzing services. In This way, customers don’t need to invest your facilities, just rely on Emerson because it is responsible for installing them and give customers better operating opinions when using long-range detecting system. Therefore, you can improve factory operating abilities. For example, we provide Connected Services to a polymer company in Singapore and manage the traps in the plant, which help them to reduce its steam consumption by 7%. 

艾默生的PlantWeb™数字生态系统可以说是目前流程工业最完整的而且是落地的工业物联网解决方案。除了传统的过程控制、安全和资产管理系统外,它还包括实现全面数据感知的普适测量,除了常规的温压液位测量和控制,还能提供腐蚀和振动的监测;通过Secure First Mile提供安全的数据传输;PlantWeb™Insight 信息平台、PlantWeb™ Advisor顾问系统和AMS ARES设备平台等应用为企业提供嵌入式预测诊断分析工具;而基于微软云技术的Connected Services远程专家服务可为用户提供可靠的专家和分析服务,用户不需要进行设备投资,由艾默生负责安装设备,通过远程监测向用户提供最优的运行建议,从而改善工厂运行性能。例如我们为新加坡一家聚合物公司提供Connected Services远程专家服务,对工厂内的疏水阀进行远程管理,帮助该企业减少了7%的蒸汽消耗。

Mr. Train

We kind of explore their challenges and problems together and try it together to figure it out that what’s the best place to go.We have a lot of benchmark data, so we can have discussions and you can take the existing way that they do things.


The definition of benchmarking enterprises is the industry’s top 25% of the total enterprises. According to industrial statistics, the number of the accidents occur in benchmarking enterprises is just 1/3 of the ordinary enterprise. As the asset reliability was concerned, benchmarking enterprises just use half of the consumption of the ordinary enterprise to maintain their facilities, on the other hand they have 15 more working days than ordinary enterprises. In terms of the manufacturing, production costs related to benchmarking enterprises is less 20% than ordinary enterprises. In terms of energy and emissions, energy consumption of benchmarking enterprises is only 1/3 of the average level, and carbon dioxide emissions is also 30% lower than the average.

所谓标杆企业就是行业前25%的精英企业,据行业统计,在安全性方面标杆企业的安全事故数量仅为普通企业的1/3; 在资产可靠性方面,标杆企业在维护上的花费仅为普通企业的一半,而且每年的生产时间多出15天;在生产方面,标杆企业的生产相关费用比普通企业要少20%;在能源和排放方面,标杆企业支出的能源成本仅为行业平均水平的1/3,二氧化碳排放量比平均水平低30%。



So, you are not only selling products, but also helping your customers to be more successful based on your knowledge and expertise. Mr. Train, based on Industrial Network, how will Emerson PlantWeb™ digital ecosystem improve the rate of return on investment?

所以其实艾默生不仅在销售产品,更是在根据自己的知识和专业技能来帮助客户取得成功。请问Mr. Train,艾默生基于工业物联网搭建的PlantWeb™数字生态系统将怎样提升投资回报率?

Mr. Train

We’ve identified areas like safety, reliability, optimizing production, energy management and emissions. If you think about the facilities that you were talking about, the automation cost is only 4% of the total spent to build that facility, but it can affect everything and it could actually impact the cost in other areas on top of just the automation cost. It does impact more than its little space, so you have to have conversations, expertise and workshop process that the customer is interested to explore with you and willing to do investment. 




 Mr. Dominic, China has taken the intelligent factory as an important practice mode of industrial intelligence development. How to help customers achieve operational excellence with Project Certainty Program and Operational Certainty™ Program? What are the differences and connections between the two programs?


Mr. Dominic

Project Certainty is when a customer wants to build a plan. Operational Certainty™ is after he builds the plan, how does he operate the plan for the next 20, 30 and more years. That’s primarily the main difference. Sometimes for the same customer, it could be both because you have the practicing plan helping the customer operate the plan in a more optimized way. Operational Certainty™ is for old plan, and Project Certainty is for new plan. Once the new plan is built, then you go to the Operational Certainty™. 




From my understanding, you have participated in this subject at the very beginning. Are there any specific words that you want to speak to the Chinese customer?


Mr. Train

Yeah there are a few things. One is that Emerson has been in China for many years. We have built our capabilities here and we manufacture products here—in China, for China. We engineer our projects here, and we have developed our control system here, and we are building our consulting capabilities here, so we are very much a Chinese company. We are serving people in different industries, and you have to earn your reputation and relevance in oil and gas upstream, in pipeline, refining, chemicals and in life sciences. We want to do the consulting to help them to make wise choices.